The Ultimate Guide to Buying Towels Like a Pro


As you know, I have 3 kids, which means that summer is officially towel season at our house. The kids take towels everywhere…the pool, the lake, and the park. My son is required to bring 2 towels to day camp every day, my daughter creates makeshift tents out of towels, and my other daughter treats our bathtub as if it’s our town’s swim club! We go through towels like other people go through milk.

We expect a lot out of our towels. Towels need to look great hanging up in the bathroom. They must keep looking great, even after several dozen washes. Towels must also feel nice against your skin. They also need to be great at actually drying you off. With towels being such a prized commodity at my house, I did a lot of research on getting the best towels at a reasonable price.

This ultimate towel-buying guide will teach you everything you need to know.


Microlush towels from Home Dynamix  and Pinnacle Bath Mat set by Daisy Fuentes

The Right Stuff

Just like you can’t trust the lighting in the store fitting room, never trust the softness of a towel sitting on a store shelf. Most manufacturers soak their towels in softener before shipping them off. That softener will quickly wash out. You may find your once indulgent, soft towels now feel like sandpaper against your skin.

Buying the right towels for you is all about the fabric. Different materials have different qualities. Here is what you need to know about what your towels are made of:

  • Turkish cotton– Made with long fibers, towels made from Turkish cotton are soft and absorbent. They also tend to have a natural sheen that makes them continue to look nice, even after many trips through the laundry. These towels are heavier and feel more substantial. Turkish cotton towels are durable.
  • Egyptian cotton– Made from even longer threads than Turkish cotton, these towels are luxurious, soft, and absorbent. Egyptian cotton is the most common material in bath towels. They are durable and tend to retain their softness. However, they are slow to dry and may not be ideal for humid climates. These towels are thick and fluffy.
  • Bamboo– Most bamboo towels are made from a cotton-bamboo blend. The bamboo gives towels a beautiful sheen, similar to Turkish cotton. Bamboo is also said to have antibacterial properties. These towels hold their color well and are super-absorbent. Bamboo is less resource intensive to grow and tends to be better for the environment than cotton.
  • Microfiber- Towels made from microfiber dry the fastest of any towels. They are not as fluffy or soft as towels made from other materials. They are easy to store and their thin size makes them easier to pack than other towels.
  • Organic cotton– The cotton in these towels is grown as sustainably as possible. No chemical pesticides are used. Only organic fertilizers nurture the crops. The absorbency, fluffiness, and durability of organic cotton towels varies considerably.
  • Pima cotton- The cotton used in these towels is actually the same plant variety used in Egyptian cotton, except the cotton was not grown in Egypt. Instead Pima cotton comes primarily from Peru, Israel, and Australia. The different climate produces slightly different towels. Pima cotton towels are not as soft as Egyptian cotton towels, but are stronger and more durable.


Making Sense of the Label

Once you have decided what you want your towels to look and feel like, it is time to take a look at the label. Towel labels offer a wealth of information, if you know how to decode all the jargon. Here is what your towel labels are trying to tell you.

  • Combed– If your towel has been combed that means as part of the manufacturing process the short and uneven cotton fibers have been combed out. This improves the smoothness and strength of the towel.
  • Ringspun– The cotton fibers in ringspun towels were twisted together into fine yarns. This makes them even smoother than combed towels. Ringspun towels will feel softer and more elegant than combed towels.
  • Twist– This is a number that refers to the amount of twist per inch of yarn in the towel. Zero-twist towels will feel the most plush and soft. The higher the number the less plush, but the stronger and more durable the towel.
  • 2-ply– Just like with toilet paper, two times the material means these towels are more durable and absorbent. Because the yarn is doubled, the towels feel thicker.
  • Weights– Sheets have thread counts and towels have GSM, or grams per square meter. The higher the GSM the fluffier the towel. At the top of the scale are 600-900 GSM towels. These are like the towels you will find in luxury spas. You feel like you are wrapping up in a cozy blanket. At the bottom end are the 300-400 GSM towels. These are the towels you will find at they gym. They are thin, last forever, and dry quickly. But, they tend to become coarse after several washes. Most bath towels are in the middle between 400-600 GSM.

MICROLUSH TOWEL Diamond Dobby Stack

What Size Do You Need?

Towels come in a surprising variety of sizes. Here are the standard sizes and types of towels you will need for your bathroom.

  • Bath Sheet– Save these over-sized towels for your self. These usually measure 35” x 60”, and the softer, plusher, and more luxurious the better. These are what you want after getting out of a bubble bath.
  • Bath Towel– These are the towels everyone else can use when getting out of the bath to shower. The standard size of a bath towel is 27” x 52”. Your decorative towels should also be this size.
  • Finger Tip Towel (Hand towel)- These are what people are supposed to use after washing their hands. Finger tip towels are 11” x 18”.
  • Washcloth– These square towels have tons of uses, although they are mostly designed for scrubbing your face. The standard washcloth measurements are 13” x 13”.
  • Tub Mat– A good tub mat saves your floor from water damage, pulls the room together, and makes getting out of the shower or bath a little less jarring. These should be super absorbent. A good size for a tub mat is 27” x 52”

quick dry stack - light blue

Colors and Quantities

The best color for your bath towels depends on your personal taste and style. However, remember that even the nicest towels will fade. Make sure you can live with a faded coral towel before you commit to buying a ton of them.

When buying decorative towels feel free to break away from the suggestions you will find in the store. While many people buy towels that are just different shades of the same color, buying towels that are different, but complementary, colors will make your bathroom pop.

When it comes to buying towels for your family to use, consider doing what hotels do. Buy only white towels. These will not fade and they will never bleed. If they get dingy, you can simply bleach them. It also makes it easier for everyone to tell the difference between the towels they use and the towels they look at.

The number of towels you buy is another personal preference. But, if you want to find the right balance between feeling like a towel store and washing towels twice a day, consider buying three bath towels per person. This leaves one for use in the bathroom, one in the laundry, and one ready in the linen closet. Three per person also works for finger towels. Consider buying additional washcloths as they wear out faster than larger towels. Don’t forget to buy one or two bath sheets just for you and maybe your significant other.

Now you know everything you need to walk into your favorite store and buy towels like a pro. It’s just a matter of knowing what you like and decoding the labels to see what each towel is made of.

Do you have any tips for keeping your towels nice, bright, and soft after you get them home? Leave a comment and tell me your secrets.

Happy 4th of July!


I was born in Brooklyn, so for all intents and purposes, I am as American as apple pie. However, when I was two, my family moved overseas, and it wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I chose to come back to the United States. So, while I was born American, I have an accent… I often don’t get cultural references, and I only tasted my first corn dog last year. My pseudo immigrant status makes every 4th of July even more special to me, because I get to celebrate the country I proudly chose to call home. And this is particularly true nowadays, when it often seems as if the whole world is going a bit bananas, the values of freedom and independence that we celebrate on 4th of July ring especially true.

So for this 4th of July, here are a few decor and food ideas on how to create the perfect outdoor shindig:


With the help of my good friend, Einat from Azan Styling, we created an All American look that married rustic with festive. The idea was to overload the senses with Americana motifs while still keeping the decor clean and coordinated. The best thing about this arrangement? It was completely done on a shoe string budget, with many elements from the Dollar Store and from Amazon.

4th of july-21

Use of Mason Jars and Empty Bottles

I love mason jars. They make everything have an air of nostalgia. We used them for lemonade and also as makeshift lanterns. We put a small battery powered tea light in each jar, tied a sisal twine around it, and voila!

We also used bottles with American flags in them and hung them from trees around the yard, which was a great way to repurpose empty bottles and give the decor a little twist.

4th of july-7

Paper Nesting Boxes and Paper Straws

We repurposed patriotic nesting boxes which doubled as food trays, hosting our Gluten Free chocolate ganache cupcakes as well as our Mediterranean sliders (recipes below.) The colorful paper straws added a kick and further drove home the 4th of July theme.

4th of july-10

Don’t forget the flowers

Our beloved white Hydrangeas made a comeback for this photo shoot as well. What can I say? They simply go with everything, and upgrade almost any decor. I love the juxtaposition of the pure white flowers with the massive rustic tin jug we used as a vase.


While the decor was all American, the food was more eclectic. I tried to update traditional 4th of July grub with international influences and cosmopolitan flair.

Mediterranean Sliders

These sliders were absolutely delicious. You can make them out of ground beef, or combine beef and lamb for an added layer of texture.


  • 2.5 lbs ground beef
  • 1 large white onion  – finely chopped
  • 3 cloves of garlic – minced
  • 1/3 cup cilantro –  finely chopped
  • cumin to taste
  • salt and pepper

Simply combine all the ingredients and create your sliders. I usually make them a bit smaller then the palm of my hand because they shrink on the grill.

4th of july-18

Honey and Soy Chicken Thighs

These thighs were simply heavenly. So moist and delicious they were completely devoured and gone in the blink of an eye!


  • 1 pound organic chicken thighs
  • 1 cup soy or Tamari sauce if you want to make this Gluten Free
  • 3/4 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup chopped scallions
  • 1 TBS sesame seeds

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Cover and chill in the fridge for 2+ hours. Grill and fall in love!

Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

The skirt steak is one of my favorites kinds of steaks. It is delicious by itself. Grilled with some salt and pepper, but the Chimichurri sauce gives it an added layer of flavor.


  • 1 cup lightly packed chopped parsley
  • 3 to 4 cloves garlic – minced
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili pepper flakes
  • 2 tablespoons onion – minced
  • 3/4 cup olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice

Place all chimichurri sauce ingredients in a blender or food processor and pulse until well chopped. Don’t over do it. Enjoy!

4th of july-4

Cherry Tomato Salad

Every time I make this salad I get major brownie points with my guests. Its super refreshing and delicious. It has so many different textures and flavors that you will never get bored eating this!


  • 1 pack of cherry tomatoes – cut in half
  • 1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes in oil – chopped
  • 4 oz black Kalamata olives chopped
  • 1/4 cup chives – chopped
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 4 TBS balsamic vinegar
  • salt and pepper
  • Optional – Feta or Halumi Cheese
  • Optional – Pine nuts

4th of july-12

White Chocolate Mousse and Berries

What better way to celebrate 4th of July, then this scrumptious red, white and blue dessert?

4th of july-9

  • 8 oz white chocolate (chunks or chips)
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 pack raspberries
  • 1 pack blueberries

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave, using short bursts so it doesn’t get burned (believe me…it can easily get burned so be careful!) Whip the heavy cream until you get a nice, solid texture. Carefully fold in the melted chocolate into the whipped cream. Arrange in nice glass cups, in between a layer of raspberries and a layer of blueberries.


Special thanks go to Fresh Frame studios that joined Einat and I for this fun project. Here are a few more of their great photos…





It’s Cocktail Time!


This week has been crazy busy. I’ve been working on a photo shoot at a gorgeous location (will post new pictures next week.) After running around like a chicken without a head, I am so excited for this weekend. The kids are with their father on a father’s day retreat, so I am looking forward to some “me” time.  And what better way to celebrate my “freedom” then with a nice summery cocktail? So today, instead of going over home design ideas, I’ll be designing a few summer cocktails that are super easy to make, and super fun to drink. You can make them in honor of the dads in your life, or like me just to chilax by the pool.

The “Shipruta”

Growing up, this cocktail has been a staple in every family gathering. In fact, my family is so convinced we invented this concoction (we probably didn’t) that we named it after ourselves! Don’t let the green, healthy appearance fool you. It is full of alcoholic goodness and has a serious kick to it. It is not too sweet, and is really refreshing. Additional bonus, for those of us who watch the scale, it has fewer calories then a Mojito, and goes perfect with almost any type of summer food…from light salads to heavier barbecue fair.


  • 12-15 fresh mint leaves
  • Can of frozen lemonade or a cup of fresh lemonade
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • 1 1/2 fluid ounces vodka
  • 1/2 cup club soda

Mix it all together in a mixer. If you are making it with fresh squeezed lemonade, you may want to add a bit of sugar or stivia to taste. For the non frozen variety, you can also make it in a large pitcher without using a mixer.



Ouzo and Red Grapefruit Juice

Yasso! This is perhaps my favorite go-to cocktail. It has only two ingredients, so it is incredibly fast and easy to make.  The bitter sweet taste of the grapefruit is a perfect balance for the aroma of the Anise. Traveling through the Mediterranean, you can find many variations of this refreshing and fun cocktail. You can make it with Israeli Arak, Turkish Raki or French Pastis instead of Ouzo.


  • 1/4 cup ice cubes
  • 1 1/2 fluid ounces Ouzo
  • 1/2 cup grapefruit juice

Just mix and enjoy!


Champagne and Lychee

This cocktail looks like a Million bucks and is absolutely delicious. It is so romantic and exotic. I absolutely love it.  All you need is your favorite brand of Cava, Prosecco or Champagne, and a can of lychees in syrup. Place two lychees and a bit of the syrup in each flute, and voila you are ready to party the night away! This cocktail is also great for brunches instead of the traditional Mimosas or Bellinis.


Tangy Gin and Tonic

When in doubt, always go for the classics. Gin and tonic is easy to make and it literally goes with everything. My secret, squeeze half a lemon or lime into your mix. It adds a tangy kick that gives your cocktail a quick upgrade.


Dirty Lemon Martini

And talking about the classics…here is a quick recipe for a lemon dirty martini. I love, love, love olives, so I tend to make my martinis as “dirty” as they come. I am also not a snob when it comes to the type of olives in my martini, but the traditionalists would recommend using the green stuffed olives.


  • 6 fluid ounces vodka
  • 1 dash dry vermouth
  • 1 fluid ounce brine from olive jar
  • 4  olives

Mix vodka, dry vermouth, brine and olives. Pour into a glass over ice. If you want to go all fancy, you can chill the martini glass in the freezer for half an hour before pouring the mixture in. It will make the martini cool on contact and it will also look fabulous in the process.


Bottoms up! Have a safe and happy Father’s Day!


Design with Flowers


Last week, I took the kids to Cape May, NJ for Memorial Day Weekend. I love Cape May…the beach, the low key boardwalk, and the beautiful Victorian era pink and purple houses with their fanciful porches and laid back style.  Another thing I love about Cape May is the abundance of flowers. Vibrant daffodils, gorgeous hydrangeas and cheerful milkweeds assault the senses with color and fragrance. Bringing these summer staples indoor is a great way to (almost) effortlessly transform the look of your house.

Here are a few quick tips on how to decorate with flowers:

  • You don’t need to go crazy with flower arrangements – Flower arranging is an art form, and unfortunately, not all of us are born artists. Fear not…choose 1-2 kinds of flowers, and place them together in a simple, clear vase. You can choose 2 colors that go well together, or go with a tone on tone monochromatic look. Either way will help the colors of your room textiles pop.


  • Branch out with branches – Willow branches, cherry blossoms or even artificial twigs, can serve as a dramatic centerpiece. Bonus points for being a relatively cheap and long lasting alternative to fresh cut flowers.

poof flower.jpg

Credit: @EinatMazafi
  • Experiment with unusual vases – Repurpose pales, mugs, jugs or anything else that can hold your flowers. Pick a rustic pale or an old fashioned milk jug and pair it with classic hydrangeas for an interesting play on texture and color.


  • You can never go wrong with roses – A timely classic, a bouquet of fresh cut roses never fails. Roses come in so many colors and can be made to fit any decor style. My suggestion, if you are going for a more modern look, skip the “Million Star” (you know, the white filler flower) that usually comes with any bouquet.


  • Mix flowers and fruits – Fruits are so pretty and can add pizzazz to any flower arrangements. Fresh lemons, cut oranges or tiny raw dates can peacefully float in your clear glass vase, giving your flowers that extra oomph.

lemon lime flower arrangement2.png

  • Want to wow your guests? here are 3 simple, simple tricks that look like you arrange flowers for a living:

Use a large green leaf and wrap it around the inside of your clear vase. This will add a sophisticated element and will make your design more cohesive.


– Submerge entire flowers in water. This is so easy to do, and the effect is so                          artsy and unique.                                                                                                                                                                 Submerged-Centerpiece


– Add crumbled clear cellophane to the vase. It will give the water an extra                          element and make it more interesting.


Credit: @EinatMazafi

A knack for Knick Knacks


My Grandmother Frieda, may she rest in peace, loved everything porcelain….porcelain figurines, porcelain plates that  hang on the wall, and porcelain doll houses. Her living room, which we fondly referred to as the “pink museum,” would house her vast collection in huge glass display cases, on the walls and on every empty surface. Of course, we were not allowed anywhere near the living room. In fact, no one was. The pink museum was open to the “public” only on special occasions, or if important guests would come to visit. Less important guests would be downgraded to the Florida room. My Grandmother had a very distinct home decor style, but the result was a bit cheesy. Let’s face it…it was cheesier then a Velveeta Mac and Cheese. So how can we use Knick-knacks to upgrade our decor without venturing into Grandmother Frieda territory?

  • Less is More – Love porcelain like my grandmother? Consider choosing just a few figurines that go together and place them strategically. Same idea goes for other small elements….vases, metal urchins, wooden balls, paper mache dolls. Whatever your design style, choose 5-6 elements that belong to the same family and place them together. Alternatively, you can choose design elements from 2 different “families” . Make sure the two groups correspond well with one another.



  • Pillows Galore – Pillows are a wonderful accessory. You can use them to add a splash of color or to make a statement with a trendy slogan pillow. But once again, don’t go overboard (especially with those slogan pillows.)


  • Perennials, cacti and other greenery – Nothing makes your decor pop better then beautiful flowers and indoor shrubs. However, for most of us, getting fresh flowers bi-weekly is costly and logistically crazy. This is where fake perennials and cacti come in. In recent years, many companies manufacture awesome looking fakes that almost look better then the originals. They are cheap, require no maintenance and they  truly jazz up any room.


By Andrew galynski

  • Go Seasonal – I like to change my decor a few times a year. Not a major overhaul, but minor changes that make my house feel fresh and renewed. This is when my knick-knack obsession serves me well. In the fall, especially around Thanksgiving, I like to add rustic elements, and bring the beautiful fall foliage inside through little vases filled with dried flowers. Christmas time calls for silver and gold accents, and spring brings out the floral motifs.


  • Bring history to life – In some of my other posts, I talked about retro design elements, and retro knick knacks work especially well. I love combining old and new, and I feel that going for the unexpected upgrades the decor considerably, while upping the nostalgia factor.  Grandma Frieda would be proud.


Credit: Home Dynamix

Home is Where Your Dog Is!


I love dogs. I absolutely love dogs. But in recent years I’ve been on the fence about getting one. Adopting a dog is an important family decision, requiring a huge emotional, financial, and logistical commitment. My kids keep promising to walk the dog and take care of its every need, but we all know that will never happen, and it will be up to me to walk the dog snow, rain or shine. Can we handle the responsibility of having a cute furry addition to our family?

And then there is the issue of my house. As you all know, I love home decor and I invest in furniture and interior design. How will I have to adjust my home to fit a dog? Will I have to compromise my design aesthetics?

So I did some research and here is what I found….

  • Skip the wall to wall carpet. Carpets tend to absorb odors and trap pet hair, which will make your house smelly and not so fresh looking. Love the carpeted look? Go for area rugs instead. A good idea is to choose a heavy duty area rug. Many rug manufacturers today produce indoor/ outdoor rugs that are beautiful, inexpensive and can withstand pet traffic. They are more easily cleaned and can be replaced every few years in case they get stained.

Day 14

  • Dogs love human furniture. Especially cushiony couches and chairs. Why? Because they are comfortable! Wouldn’t you choose the sofa vs. the cold tile floor? So what’s the solution? Offer a great alternative. Dog beds come in many shapes and sizes, right for every design style and budget. Choose a comfortable bed for your dog, and if needed bring a trainer to help your dog understand this is her special place. Now is a great time to purchase a doggy bed. Wayfair is running a promotion on Comfy Pooch, where you get a free Furry Friends Bowl Mat with purchase.

Day 22

  • Keep the porcelain in your china cabinet. If you love glass figurines and other breakable decorative elements keep them in an enclosed cabinet (you can choose one with glass doors so your guests can still enjoy your collection.) Your dog (and kids) would appreciate being able to roam freely without having to go through an obstacle course on their way to the kitchen.
  • Go matchy-matchy with your dog. when designing your home, why not take cues from your dog? How about matching your sofa covers to your pet’s fur color? Or choose a shade of wood for your hardwood floor that will go great with your dog’s coat. This isn’t just a way for you to be twinning with your pet; it’s also great way to make sure the hair they shed will not be visible. Day 94
  • Go for egg-shell or satin wall paint. This again is a good advice for dogs or artsy/ messy kids. Egg shell or satin finish are extremely easy to clean, so you can effortlessly wipe off any drool smudges or tiny hand prints.

I hope this research is helpful. I myself am feeling so much more comfortable and excited about adopting a new furry addition to our family. Have any additional tips to share? Would love to hear your thoughts!



Hipsterize Your Home


Those who follow my blog, probably realize by now that I am a suburban dance mom who lives in my car and often eats my kids’ left over pasta for dinner. In my dreams however, I am a hipster Brooklynite, who goes to poetry slam and dates a twenty something with a man bun and a beard. Hey, a girl can dream….

So for those of you who share my hipster fantasies, here are some quick tips for easily “hipsterizing” your home:

  • Go retro – add decor accents from yesteryear. An old dial-up phone, record player or a banged up typewriter will do the trick.
Chelsea Loft, New York City
  • Use throw pillows with “inspirational” quotes – But don’t dig too deep. In order to achieve true hipster status, quotes need to be obvious, almost sarcastic (“work hard”, or “read a book” are perfect examples.)


Pillow from DashaAlexanderDesign

  • Add a great welcome mat. Slogan or retro looking image will make your guests feel like they are entering your imaginary Brooklyn loft right at the door.


Mat by All Seasons

  • Anything with Antlers – plastic, wood, paper or metal….antlers inspired decor elements are hot with the hipsters of the world. I especially like this faux taxidermy from Target. It is cheap, while still looking great. I love the fact that it is white, so it goes with almost any room decor.



  • Upcycle and Repurpose – Be kind to your decor and to the environment at the same time! Turn an old trunk into a coffee table, use mason jars as flower pots, or turn old bricks into a TV stand. Be creative. Be Edgy. Hug a tree.


Picture from



A Child’s Room Doesn’t Have to Be Childish


One of the “Funnest”design projects is designing rooms for kids (I know Funnest is not proper English, but we are talking about kids, so it is somewhat apropos😉 When it comes to designing a child’s room, designers can let their imagination run wild, and be as creative and as crazy as they want to. Kids love bold colors, and as many knick-knacks as you can fit in, so this is probably the only design project where a little bit of a mess is welcomed. The only issue I have with kid’s room design, is that sometimes parents tend to come up with design ideas that are simply too childish and cutsie. In my opinion, a kid’s room, no matter what their age is, can be stylish and creative, while still being age appropriate. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect DIY ensemble:

  • Create a design that reflects your child’s interests and personality. Is he into video games? is she into ice skating? you can borrow design elements from their favorite past time, sports or hobby. How great is this skateboard shelf and coat hanger I found on Perfect for any kid who loves the ramps.


  • Come up with a central theme and work around it.  You don’t have to go overboard with the theme…just include a few theme inspired pieces that will tell the story.
  • Color, color, color – Kids dream in color, and while your design sensibilities may be all white, beige and light grey, your kid would appreciate a colorful universe they can call their own. Here is an example of a great, fun design that is not afraid to use bold color and lots of it.  Which little princess would not love this room which looks like it was taken straight out of Princess Jasmin’s quarters? The shaggy, white rug by HomeDynamix and the gold poufs from Badia Design, help tie the whole look together, making this room super cozy and inviting.


  • Get sticky with it – I love decals. They are cheap, cool and can really turn any room around. “The trick with decals is to choose good quality ones and to avoid cartoonish characters,” says Einat Mazafi of Over the Top Mom. Your kid may love Mickey Mouse and Goofy today, but will grow out of it really fast, and you will get stuck with a goofy looking room decor (pun intended.”)

DSC_0716            decl

  • Along the same lines of the previous point… choose furniture and decor that are scalable. Kids grow up fast (way too fast) and their tastes change. Try to choose items that can grow with them and will only need to be modified slightly to fit their new tween or teen status.
  • Finally, don’t go crazy with expensive furniture or decor pieces that can break the bank. You may want to modify your design as your kids get older, or even change it all together, so now is a good time to be frugal and find great design elements that only look like they cost a fortune. I always like to spend a few hours on Pintrest and on Etsy to find design inspiration and great pieces to go along with it.

Have you recently designed your own kid’s room? Would love to see your designs. Just post them here, or on our Facebook or Instagram accounts. Inspiration is meant to be shared!🙂

What do mothers really want for Mother’s Day?


What do mothers want for Mother’s Day? Well, I’ll tell you what I want. What I really, really want (Yes! I’m a 90’s Spice Girl. Sue me.)

Full disclosure first…I am a busy mother of 3 beautiful and rambunctious kids. I love my kids to pieces, and as many mothers do, I wear so many different hats. On a daily basis, I try to juggle my day job, with my part time job as my kids’ chauffeur, and my other part time job as the house cook (note that I didn’t say “chef”…since my cooking mostly consists of chicken nuggets and steamed broccoli, I know my limitations😉 And these are just 3 items on my ever growing and never ending “to do” list. So what do I want this Mother’s day? I want to sleep! I dream of a long night of uninterrupted sleep that will go into the late hours of the morning. I dream of waking up naturally when my body feels it had enough, and not at 4AM when my daughter needs to go potty, or at 6AM because my son has band practice at 7.

So since sleep is on my mind, this is the perfect opportunity to write about bedding fashion and choosing the perfect bed linens for the ultimate sleep experience.

When I was younger, in my pre-kids existence, I would splurge on bed sheets. I had a bit of an addiction to hotel style, expensive sheet sets that require a small mortgage. Having kids helped me realize that I need to be wiser with my spending habits. I kept one addiction (shoes) but when it comes to home decor, and specifically to bed linens, I find that a bit of research can get you a long way. My home is full of singular pieces that didn’t cost half of what they look like they cost, and when it comes to bedding, I still sleep on beautiful sheet sets, surrounded by comfy pillows and covered with fashionable comforters, which cost a fraction of the price. There are so many stores that sell value sets nowadays, the trick is to know what to look for.

When I look into buying a new sheet set, I look at 4 main factors: thread count, weave, material, and color:

Thread Count – often considered the single, most important factor to look for. A thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. In my experience however, the thread count is not always so reliable, and the type of material you choose is much more important. In theory, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Good sheets range anywhere from 200 to 800, although you’ll occasionally see sheets with counts of over 1000. “Low thread count  doesn’t always mean low-quality sheets.” Says Daniel Gabay, Senior VP for So Home Studio. “You can easily find 200-count Percale weave or 400 thread count sateen weave out there that are extremely nice and actually feel like they have a higher thread count. Nowadays, manufacturers use advanced technologies with less chemicals, using long stapled combed cotton which produce excellent results even with lower thread counts.”

Weave and Yarn- Weave is not always indicated on the packaging, but its nice to understand the difference between the various weaves:

  • Sateen is cotton cloth made with a satin weave. It produces a very soft, lustrous feel but is often considered less durable than other weaves.
  • Percale is a popular weave which produces durable, crisp and plain fabric. Most percale sheets have count of at least 180.  It has a cool feel, so it is a good solution for people who get overheated when they sleep.
  • Combed cotton has been combed to remove the short fibers and leave the long ones. This process produces a strong, soft fabric.

Day 47

*Home Dynamix Microlush Hotel Sideline Set

Material- for me, this is the one thing I am really picky about. I am a cotton girl all the way. I like my sheets to be soft and breathable, and I simply can’t stand synthetic blends. When it comes to the kids’ sheets, I will often compromise with a cotton-polyester blend, but stick to a 90/10 blend, which makes it more durable but still gives it that cottony feel. As far as cotton goes, it is important to understand the difference in cotton blends. The number one choice is 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Its long fibers produce thin and luxurious yet extremely strong and long-lasting sheets . Another good choice is Pima cotton, also known as Supima. Note that when a label simply says “100 percent cotton,” it’s most likely American upland cotton, which is a rougher, less expensive variety.

Color- color is not usually considered a factor when choosing bed linens. Indeed, it is a very personal choice, depending on your own taste and design sensibilities. However, I do want to sing praise of the color white. With kids, it may sound like a counter intuitive choice. I can’t tell you how many times my 3 year old drooled on my pillows, or my 10 year old decided to do a handstand on my bed with hands that are less then pristine. However, my white sheets are so easily laundered and they always look crisp and clean. From a design perspective, white bed sets fit any room design, giving it that airy, spa like feel without overshadowing any design accents I have in the room. I simply love it.


*SoHome Studio Egyptian Cotton 800 Thread Count set